Lace Latch – Dog Leash mode

One of the many uses for Lace Latch shoelace securing locks.

They can also be used as a silent strong Dog Tag and a strong knot less leash attachment for any size dog. No metal clip needed, see photos. So very useful and simple, will fit in a coin purse or small pocket. Shown here with Kevlar 1/8 inch thick line at 2,400 lbs break strength.
No metal, quick, strong, easy, low cost, secure, over 300 lbs pull test, super compact.

How to make a secure leash with Lace Latch

On the hand end you can adjust the lace latch to loop over your hand giving you totally free movement of fingers and thumb while still being able to control your dog. Wow that is cool. Adjust it to come off the hand easy or snug to wrist. It all fits in a small pocket, no metal just two lace latches and the line. When you walk your dog grab lace latch, and Yes there are more separate uses for Lace Latch.