Introducing Lace Latch

Do you have trouble with bow knots? Lace Latch is the simple answer; no more knots, just latch and unlatch. It’s that easy.

Gold Lace Latch lock replacment for Jordans

Our shoelace securing device replaces the bow knot for shoelace shoes. Ultra-lightweight at only 2 grams, it is one piece with no springs or elastic laces. Uses existing shoelaces. Toddlers can tie their own shoes three years early with lace latches. Patent Pending, Made in the USA of high strength FDA rated plastic. No more untied shoelaces dragging on the ground.


  • Weighs only 2 grams – lighter than most of the excess laces that can be removed.
  • Uses existing shoelaces
  • Does not need to be used with elastic laces.
  • Allows shoes to fit as they should
  • No more walking around with long laces dragging on the ground
  • After installation, a two-year-old can tie and untie their own shoes
  • Flexes allowing for increased circulation and comfort.
  • A single piece can not get lost – tied to the shoes by a simple knot.
  • Comes in many colors  even glow in the dark
  • No more bow knots or double bow knots
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Lace Latch makes it possible to quickly secure work boots, running shoes, and any shoe that laces up!

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